Frequently Asked Questions

When I order a service with a guaranteed 48 delivery what does that mean?

Someone from the service provider will visit your residences within 48 hours of agreeing to the work.

When someone orders my service does the 48 hour delivery time start immediately? 

-No. You will be sent an email and once the job is agreed upon, the service provider will be committing to the 48 hour window.

Do I have to leave a rating or review? 

It is not required to leave a rating or review, although it is greatly appreciated by both ESupreme and the service providers.

Are ratings and reviews anonymous?

Yes it is. The comments will not be published with your contact details

What if a service provider cannot complete a job within a 48 hour period?

All service providers are agreeing to is visiting the customers location within 48 hours, completion of the requested services may take longer than 48 hours, depending on the nature of the work. As a service provider, if you will be unable to adhere to this, you may deactivate your listing.

How do I contact someone from ESupreme?

If you are having trouble with your account please fill out the contact form. It may take 1-2 business days for a representative to respond. If you have a more urgent matter you can contact someone live to try and help you.

Will my ad ever expire?

No. Once your ad is created, it will remain active until you remove or deactivate it.

Is ESupreme available in my area? 

There are no limitations to where someone can operate, if there are no current listings in your area, feel free to create them!

How do Providers get on ESupreme?

Simply register for an account and set up a free ad today!

Does ESupreme do background checks on service providers?

ESupreme is a freelance marketplace bringing together anyone offering services to a potential customer. It is up to consumers to perform background checks. Our assurance is that our site offers a platform to rate and review experiences in order to remove potentially unsatisfactory services.

How does ratings and reviews work?

After a work order is complete customers are prompted to leave a review for that service provider. An average of their scores determines what you will see beside their profile. A service provider cannot remove or alter their rating. Customers can only leave reviews on a service provider so it is not open for the general public.