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Look around! See something you like? Press Add to Carton the service and fill out the new subscriber form. At the checkout screen there is an option to contact the Service Provider to discuss the details of the job including cost.

When the provider has come to your house and completed their work, you will then and ONLY then order the service. Make sure the service was preformed as asked because ordering the service will prompt a payment screen!

When the provider has received your payment, the order request will be marked as Paid.

Finally, you can give the service provider a rating to thank them for what an awesome job they did! The more reviews customers leave, the more you will learn about other customer experiences to make future decisions!

Note: If you pay outside of Esupreme you cannot leave a review of their service.

All Services have a guaranteed first visit within 48 hours of the Service Provider agreeing to the job. There is no way to uphold this other than your discussion with them and ability to leave a review after completion of the work. This is an honour system where customers can find quality service providers agreeing to uphold their service to a minimum level.

Service Providers

Post up your service for customers to view. When a customer decides they want to purchase your service, they will fill out an order request with any special instruction they’d like to give you. Both you and the buyer will be sent a confirmation email along with contact details to discuss the work further.

Remember, as long as your ad is active you should be willing to be at the customers residence within 48 hours of you agreeing to do the work.

The customer will verify that you have completed the work and finalize the Order.

All payments go through ESupreme for processing. After you have received payment, mark the task you will be responsible to email the customer and invoice for their records.

This site is designed to assist small/medium businesses in growing their business and expanding their reach.

That’s all there is to it!